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Text and Photo by Sue George

  1. If you experience erratic engine performance and discover the air cleaner is excessively hot, with a normal engine operating temperature of 180 - 195 degrees, the culprit could be the heat riser valve. It is not uncommon for these to stick in the closed position or if one of the welds on the butterfly breaks, it will close when the exhaust hits it. Either way, hot exhaust is then routed back into the intake manifold. To inspect for trouble, pull down the passenger's side exhaust and look up at the butterfly.
  2. Winged car fender scoops become part of the fender over time, when the nuts and studs corrode to the plastic compound. The stud stands on the scoops are easily broken during removal. Take off the front wheels for easy access. Using a carbon arc torch, place carbons on two sides of the nuts holding the scoops. Then turn the welder on and when the nuts are red, disconnect the welder and douse with cold water from your garden hose. Unlike a gas torch, heat is contained mostly in the nut. When cool, the nuts should be finger tight.
  3. The most common failure of Mopar windshield wipers is the park mechanism. The wiper motor might last for years, but one can't put up with wipers parked at 12 o'clock for long! To cure this, cut the blue wire leading from the firewall connector to the wiper motor. Now the wipers will stop immediately when you turn them off.
  4. If your Daytona's shoulder harness belts sag in their stored position, visit your local junk yard and pick up the two extra clips that were used in 1970 models. To remove them, slide the plastic holder up to expose the two Phillips screws that hold them in place. This is a neat and clean installation to solve the problem and it will appear stock.
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