Winged Warriors/National B-Body Owners Association
Special Recognition - Alan Tansley

Text and Photos by Tony Oksien

[Alan with his car]

The stunning 1969 Hemi Charger shown here was presented the Winged Warriors/NBOA "BEST B-BODY" award at this year's Mopar Euronationals, held at Avon Park. Alan Tansley (at left) of Suffolk, England is the lucky owner of this Charger.

The car was originally imported from Florida in 1981 by the Scottish Lord, Bobbie McIntyre, whose ambition it was to collect the highest horsepower cars from each major auto manufacturer. The Charger went into his 50+ car collection which lived in the Lord's Scottish castle of Sorn. Unfortunately, he died in 1988 and his entire collection was auctioned off.

Alan acquired this Charger several years later after it had passed through many owners who just sold it to make a profit. If the car had not been a matching numbers 1969 Hemi Charger, Alan says he would not have bought it, as the body was in such bad shape.

A five-year restoration then took place. Sheet metal that was replaced included: front floor pans, trunk floor, side extensions, deck lid panel, left front inner fender, two complete rear quarters and 18" of chassis rail. Needless to say, the car was stripped to the last nut and bolt and put on a dolly.

[Driver's side from front]
[Passenger's side from front]

While the body was being sorted, everything that came off was either rebuilt, rechromed or replated, etc. Though the car had only 44,000 miles on the clock, it had been driven hard...even the propeller shaft was bent! As part of the total rebuild, it was decided to restify some items, including: polygraphite suspension bushings, tie rods, disc brakes, semi metallic clutch lining, 1970 charging system and MSD ignition with rev limiter. The engine was rebuilt with Childs and Albert pistons, high volume oil pump, MP solid lifter cam, alloy water pump, M1 intake manifold, March pulleys and polished Keith Black valve covers. Alan kept all of the original parts.

The Charger was painted in its original T3 Copper Metallic. Strange thing was when the painter worked out his labor charge, it totalled 426 hours!! The car debuted at the Doncaster custom show in the Spring of 1998, where it took a top ten prize. However, at the 5th Mopar EuroNats, the Charger scooped "Best of Show", "Best B-Body" and the prestigious Winged Warriors/NBOA award. It's not just a good looking machine either....the car has run a 14.7 second et in the quarter mile at 100 MPH on street tires and with a second gear start!! Alan says "There were only 207 Hemi 4-speed Chargers built, so bringing this car back to life was very pleasurable." CONGRATULATIONS to Alan on a job well done!

[Driver's side from rear]


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