Winged Warriors/National B-Body Owners Association
Special Recognition - Al Blake

Text and Photos by Al Blake

[Al with his car]

At the July 10-12, 1998 Chryslers At Carlisle event, the Winged Warriors/NBOA "BEST B-BODY" award was presented to Al Blake (at left) of Rutland, Massachusetts and his lovely B5 Blue 1969 Charger 500. Al's Charger is a numbers matching 440 4-speed car with a Dana rear and blue interior.

The Charger has an interesting history. It was a driver from 1970 to 1974. In 1974, it was stolen. When Al was lucky enough to get it back shortly after it was stolen, he parked it in his backyard, where it sat until 1984.

Since 1984, it has been an ongoing restoration project. Impressively, Al has done all of the work himself, including the body work and paint! Al drives the Charger 500 to all shows and everyone seems to like his bumper sticker which reads "I'M NOT TAILGATING; I'M DRAFTING!"

John Antonelli (at right, on the right) of Congers, NY presents Al with the WW/NBOA trophy.

[Al and John with the car]


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