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Text and Photos by Wayne Perkins

[Front/Passenger Side 

The 1969 Hemi Daytona pictured here belongs to Wayne Perkins of Olathe, KS. Wayne first heard about this Daytona in 1977 when it was parked along side a house in Independence, MO. It was yellow with a black wing and interior, an original Hemi car with console automatic, power steering and power disk brakes, and had only 28,000 miles on it. But it was in very bad condition and the owner wanted $10,000 for it at that time. The car was so bad that it wasn't worth that kind of price.

Then in 1981, Wayne heard a rumor that the car was still there and was for sale again, this time for a much more appropriate price than what the owner was originally asking for it! Wayne bought the car and towed it home on February 23, 1981. After doing some research, he found that the car was sold new in Kansas City in 1969 and was then traded in at a local Volkswagen dealership in 1970. Then it was sold to the owner previous to Wayne, who drove it until 1973.

The car had a hard life....the driver's door glass had been broken so that door was replaced with a 1968 door, the passenger's side had been hit by another car damaging the fender, door and quarter panel (which then had been filled with putty and primered) and the nosecone had been driven over something, smashing the underside and the radiator yoke. The previous owner had removed the wing, air cleaner and nosecone to prevent theft when he parked the car, and these pieces has been piled in his backyard. The car itself was being used as a storage shed for shovels, chains, etc!

[Rear View]

In early 1995, Wayne started the restoration on the Daytona. It was stripped, some panels were replaced, body work was done and the car was re-painted Plum Crazy purple with a white wing and partial white roof. Custom numbers and signatures were painted on the car and decals were added to make it an exact replica of the #99 Charlie Glotzbach NASCAR Daytona. A side exit exhaust and roll cage were fabricated and a smoked Plexiglass panel were installed to flush-up the tail light panel while leaving the lights functional. White stock car wheels finish the look. The 426 Hemi engine was retained so the car runs as good as it looks!

The photo below shows the real Charlie Glotzbach (on the left) with Wayne posing with the Daytona at Charlie's place in Clarksville, IN in 1997.

[Charlie Glotzbach and
Wayne Perkins]


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