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Special Feature Car

Text and Photos by Tony Oksien

[Front/Passenger Side 

The beautiful 1969 Charger shown here belongs to Tony Oksien of Petersfield, Hants, England. Tony's Charger originally came from the Houston, TX area and was imported to England in 1991. He purchased it from the second owner. It was originally a 318 manual transmission car. Sometime while it was in the U.S., a 440 engine and automatic transmission were installed. The car had also been painted a dark shade of green and an R/T stripe was added. The vinyl roof and interior had been changed from their original green to black.

Tony says "When the Dodge came over to England, it had massive slotted mag wheels and had been jacked up, which made it difficult to drive on our narrow, twisty roads!"

In 1996, Tony had the car repainted back to it's original F3 Light Green Metallic and totally rebuilt the engine and detailed the engine bay to make it look more originally fitted. The engine is a 1973 motor home unit, but Tony has upgraded it to Magnum specs. The Charger now sits on 1969 Magnum 500 Road Wheels. Tony is currently in the process of restoring the Charger's interior back to it's original green color.

[Rear/Passenger Side 


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