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Special Feature Car - Glenn & Linda Kreider

Text and Photos by Glenn Kreider


My wife and I have owned many Mopar rides over the years. But we will only discuss the present ones in this article. The green RoadRunner was purchased about 1994, only a few miles from home for $800. It was a complete car and actually ran after a carb rebuild and correcting the timing (distributor was half-a-turn off).

The body was--let's just say--interesting with an ugly turquoise paint job. Suffice to say, I have seen better jobs with a roller. Someone had made his own corner extension patches out of aluminum sheeting. The bondo appeared to have been applied with a concrete trowel. And evidently, the owner at that time couldn't come up with any sand paper to contour the mud!

We did the restoration work ourselves, including a new set of corner panels. Actually, the body was basically solid under the previous work. We completely re-did the whole car over a three-year period--body, interior, engine, transmission and rear end.

It is a 383 console automatic car with headers and a few other minor performance modifications (although all original parts are retained in inventory). At the time of the picture, it was occasionally raced and ran in the low 13's. Since then it has been licensed and returned to the street.

The bronze RoadRunner was purchased about 1995 for my wife, Linda, to drive while I repaired her 1981 Dodge pickup. There was a collision with a Mustang--the Ford didn't recover! This RoadRunner was in fairly good condition when purchased, with only a few rust spots. The original 383 was gone, replaced by a good old 440. It's a 4-speed car and really fun to drive. The car's engine and transmission have since both been gone through and work better than new. Seems like I rebuild every old Mopar I get my hands on. The body is currently being refurbished as I can get time.

We also own a 1980 Big Horn 4X4 as a work truck. My wife has a 1996 Dodge pace truck. I drive a 1994 Dodge Ram with 120,000 miles on the clock and it's still going strong. I hope that qualifies us as "pentastar faithful".


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