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Introduction by Sue George
Main Text and Photo by Dave Kanofsky

[Petty Blue SuperBird - Front Driver 
Side View]

This beautiful Petty Blue SuperBird belongs to Dave and Kim Kanofsky of Palos Hills, IL. Some of you will recognize this name from the equally good-looking 1970 SuperBee featured on this web site. Here is Dave's story:

"As I'm sure you remember, my '70 SuperBee (Hemi Orange with burnt orange interior) is featured here also. I loved that car and always said the only way I would sell it was to get a winged car. Well, that day came. During the summer of 1997, a good friend of mine and (then) WW/NBOA member, Bob Murphy of Frankfort, IL, said he was going to sell his SuperBird.

I met Bob shortly after his family moved to Chicago from California in 1989. Ironically enough, we met because someone left my phone number in his SuperBird which was parked in his driveway. I still don't know who it was! We hung out a bit at the local cruise spots, and I always thought that SuperBird was too cool.

When I got married in June 1995, Bob drove Kim and I from our wedding ceremony to our reception in the SuperBird (followed by the wedding party in a host of Mopars)! So when he said he was going to sell the Bird, I knew I could not live without it. The downside was, I had to sell the SuperBee and borrow money from everywhere. After advertising the SuperBee all over, a really nice guy bought it who had heard about it from my dad. (He wishes to remain anonymous, so the SuperBee feature on this web site will not change to include his name.)

The SuperBird is a numbers matching 440 6bbl 4-speed car. It is now Petty Blue (originally Vitamin C) with a black bucket seat interior. It has 52,000 miles on it. On November 18th, 1969, it became the 176th Sixpack built and the 455th SuperBird built.

Driving this car is one of the most thrilling experiences imaginable. The most recent significant event for us and the car was bringing our newborn son, Tyler, home from the hospital (born 8/24/98). There are a disproportionate quantity of SuperBirds in the Chicago area (I love it here)!"


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