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Special Feature Car

Text and Photo by Dave Kanofsky

[Passenger Side 
View From Rear]

This attractive orange 1970 SuperBee belongs to Dave Kanofsky of Burbank, Illinois. Dave bought the Bee in August of 1988 when he was just sixteen years old. At that time, it was green with no interior, engine, hood, spoiler, splashpan or shifter and it was a mess.

Dave had a stockpile of parts to use from his first car, a 1970 Coronet 500, that he had since he was thirteen years old. He had always wished that Coronet 500 had been a 4-speed SuperBee, so that's what he went out looking for!

The restoration on the SuperBee consisted of a new left fender and door, right quarter panel, hood and Go-wing for the trunk. The 383 Magnum was rebuilt with a hotter cam, stock bore and original 9.5:1 pistons, ported heads with hardened seats, electronic ignition, a 1973 spread bore intake and 850 Thermoquad, Ramcharger single 4bbl oval air cleaner and lots of Direct Connection chrome. The front suspension was also rebuilt and Mopar Performance extra heavy duty leaf springs were installed under the rear. Dave's cousin, Dave Lave did the body work and sprayed the Deltron Urethane orange paint on. The Bee now has a beautiful burnt orange interior to go with its orange and white color scheme.

Dave's SuperBee wears a very appropriate vanity license plate: KILR B 70!


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