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Special Feature Car

Text and Photos by Brook Lynn Bock

[Passenger Side 

This special feature car is the 1973 Charger SE belonging to Brook Lynn Bock of Colorado Springs, CO. Brook bought her Charger in June, 1996 from a little old lady in Pueblo, CO. It had just over 19,000 miles on the odometer and appeared to be in excellent condition. It was originally B5 blue with a white 3/4 vinyl roof and light blue nylon brocade split bench interior.

Brook has since customized and upgraded the Charger to her own liking with heavy duty front and rear sway bars, an Edelbrock 4bbl manifold and carb replacing the original 2bbl unit, Mopar polished aluminum valve covers, chrome air cleaner and alternator, 15X7 chrome smoothie wheels, 2-1/4" dual exhaust with chrome tips replacing the original single exhaust, and a 3.55 sure grip rear axle replacing the original 7-1/4 2.71 gear unit. Brook also upgraded the Charger's interior with white vinyl called "Leather Alternative."

The car's exterior was repainted in an incredibly brilliant blue that changes to purple and then back to blue as you walk past it. White racing stripes were added to the tail. Brook's Charger is an impressive example of the third generation Charger!

[Interior - Driver's 


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