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Cool Mopar Ad Slogans Page

Compiled by Sue George

1968 Coronet R/T:"It sits on it's nice, fat Red Lines like a leech."

1966 Charger:"The fastback that's full-sized and fully loaded."

1970 Challenger R/T:"I've been watching your Challenger, Ma'am. I think you're both mighty pretty."

1967 Charger:"Why play around with pony-sized fastbacks? Stay ahead of the herd with Charger."

1968 Charger:"A beautiful success...again."

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury:"There is such a thing as an empty stretch of earth where a man can move a car if he chooses. Just in case you know of such a place, and such a man, we know of such a car."

1965 Plymouth Commando 426 Wedge V-8:"We're big on volumetric efficiency."

1962 Plymouth Sport Fury:"Nobody passes a new Plymouth Sport Fury without the owner's permission!"

1971 Charger R/T and SuperBee equipped with a 440 Magnum:"The run of the mills is anything but the run of the mill."

1970 SuperBee:"Dick Landy tests '70 SuperBee SixPack; won't give it back."

1969 SuperBee:"SuperBee can lower your E. T. and your payments at the same time."

1967 Coronet R/T:"The great looking, beautifully balanced example of just how easy it is to own the whole show."

1967 Dodge Charger:"Even Custer couldn't muster a stampede like this. It's the Dodge Rebellion."

1963 Dodge:"If you are looking for thunder, this is where the lightning strikes."

1963 Dodge:"A street clothing."

On Dodge's drag strip wins with Ronnie Sox and Buddy Martin's Hemi GTX:"Caught our strip show yet?"

On 1966 Hemi Belvedere NHRA wins:"We'd like to thank our competition. For showing up."

1969 Road Runner:"A car with a personality for people who don't just think of a car as a hunk of iron that moves."

1974 Road Runner:"Depends on how far you want to go...and this is going all the way."

On Dodge's new fully synchronized 4-speed transmission for 1964: "We used to win automatically. Now you have a choice."

1965 Dodge Coronet:"The Animal Tamer. Bring on the Mustangs, Wildcats, Impalas....we'll even squash a few Spyders while we're at it. Dodge has made it a little harder to survive in the asphalt jungle."

1966 Charger:"This beautiful new bomb comes from the drawing board to your driveway with all the excitement left in."

1967 Charger:"Beauty and the beast. That's a sleek Dodge Charger with a come hither fast back styling and a deep breathing 426 Street Hemi growling under the hood."

1966 Dodge Coronet R/T with 440 Magnum:"Enter the Big Bore Hunter."

1969 Charger:"Mother warned me that there would be men like you driving cars like that."

1965 Plymouth 426 Hemi Belvedere:"You are about to witness Plymouth's famous vanishing act."

1965 Plymouth 426 Hemi Belvedere:"Now what this country needs is a drag strip with a couple of good hairpin curves."

1967 Hemi Belvedere:"They don't call it King Kong for nothing!"

1968 440 GTX:"The idle alone sounds like the William Tell Overture."

1969 GTX:"GTX, that's short for adios!"

1969 GTX:"Suggested for mature audiences."

1970 Plymouth Rapid Transit System cars:"Everybody offers a car. Only Plymouth offers a system."

1970 SuperBird:"The obvious reason Richard Petty came back."

1970 Dodge Coronet:"If you care how much you pay, you could be Dodge material."

1970 Coronet R/T:"If you pay more money, make sure you get more car."

1970 Charger:"Stands out with the 'in' crowd."

1973 Road Runner: "Road Runner....young America's favorite bird."

1970 Road Runner and GTX:"Having something to show for your stripes makes it."

1969 GTX:"Reverent racing men have long called it the Boss. This year it will be 'Boss, Sir'."

1969 Sport Satellite:"The name of the game this year is 'Sport'."

1970 GTX:"If you see a GTX with 440+6 on the hood, don't mess around. It's the new Plymouth six barrel and it's all business."

1966 426 Hemi:"Anything that consistently cleans house at Daytona can't be all bad on the street."

1968 Road Runner:"Acceleratii Rapidus Maximus. That's Latin for the fact Plymouth's Road Runner is some other kind of bird."

1973 Charger Rallye:"A car for the hard driving man."

1969 Dodge Scat Pack Cars:"The SuperCars with the bumblebee stripes."

1967 Dodge R/T:"Sweet as can be on the street, hot as you want it on the track."

1968 Coronet R/T:"The Silken Snarl. It sits on its nice fat redlines like a leech, there's a nasty looking bulge in the hood and an insulting rumble from the rear."

1968 Charger R/T:"We've got you cornered!"

1969 440+6 SuperBee:"Six Pack to go!"

1971 Charger R/T and SuperBee:"One great shape; two great ways to go."

1966 Plymouth Hemi:"426 inches, eight barrels, sixteen really big valves and four rockers. Get one from your Plymouth dealer."

1970 Road Runner:"A car with a low price for people who haven't stashed away their first million yet."

1967 GTX:"A machine of many talents."

1966 Hemi Charger:"The Hemi was never in better shape."

1973 Road Runner:"Only the strong survive."

1968 Charger R/T:"The Clean Machine. Not built for the common car crowd."

1962 413 RamCharger V8:"New thunder on the strip."

1966 Charger:"This is Dodge Charger....the dream car that's no dream."

1970 Plymouth SuperBird:"Down in Thunder Road Country....on warm nights when the moon is right, you can see Lightning Billy's business coupe, with an enormous wing and long pointed snout and great fiery eyes, moaning like a banshee as it sheds the Feds in the hills."

1967 Coronet R/T:"It speaks softly and carries a big kick."


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