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Road Runner Collectibles And Other Memorabilia

Text and Photos by Sue George Unless Otherwise Noted

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Left: Road Runner Mug, Origin and Year Unknown. Right: Road Runner Mug, Applause, Inc., 1988.
Left: Welch's Jelly, 1994. Right: Welch's Grape Jelly, 1976.
Coca-Cola Thermo Mug, Wal-Mart, 1994.
Road Runner Pen, K-Mart, 1996.
Road Runner Motor Oil, Arnold Distributing Co., Circa Early 1970s.
Road Runner Bandana, Origin and Year Unknown.
Craft Master Acrylic Paint-By-Number Kit, 1976.
Road Runner Coin Purse, Wal-Mart, 1990.
Dixon 96 Crayons, 1994.
Left: 125 Piece "Golden" Puzzle, 1983. Right: 100 Piece "Whitman" Puzzle, 1985.
Left: 99 Piece "Golden" Puzzle, 1984. Right: 99 Piece "Golden" Puzzle, 1975.
Electric Lamp, Circa 1969.
MPC Model, 1972.
Road Runner Wind-Up Musical Figurine, K-Mart, 1996.
Front, Russell Stover Candies, 1997.
Rear, Russell Stover Candies, 1997.
Westclox Electric Clock, 1994.
First Two From Left: Mighty Star, 1971. Third From Left: Mighty Star, Year Unknown. Three On Right: Special Effects, 1993.
Left: Bully, 1984. Right: Applause, 1983.
Left: Applause, 1994. Right: Pewter Road Runner, Rocueffe, 1996.
Left: Ceramic, Made by Sue George in 1986. Second From Left: Furry Road Runner, K-Mart, 1988. Third From Left: Dakin Road Runner, Given Away to New Customers by Dealerships in 1969 and 1970. Far Right: Crystal Road Runner, Hand Blown and Painted at Lost Sea in Tennessee.
Left Two: Road Runner Grippits with Suction Cups, Special Effects, 1988. Right: Mighty Star, 1971.
Mighty Star, 1971.
Avon Charger Daytona, Year Unknown.
MPC Charger Model Boxes.
Electric Race Track Slot Cars.
Plastic Models.
Plastic Model.
Plastic Models.
Plastic Models.
Photo by Wayne Perkins.


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