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"She's serious about funny cars"....Dodge Magazine's description of drag racer Della Woods who drove a blown 426 Hemi fuel supercharged 1968 Dodge Charger funny car.

"Records are a by-product. After 18 years of racing, specific races and achievements all seem to run together. It's tough enough to keep the car in running order and stay ahead of the competition without being concerned with records."....Ernie Derr's reply to the fire that destroyed all of the official records prior to 1955 and caused Derr to lose credit for many of his wins.

"When you've fought for a car length on the track, and then have to sit through 18-20 seconds in the pits, you feel like you've lost a week."....Buddy Baker comments on his pit crew being one of the fastest.

"The swatch of vinyl that I looked at one day at Chrysler Motor Corp's color styling center was a wild montage of brown, green, blue and white that would send even the most blase flower child into orbit."....Dodge Magazine writer Bob Rosekrans' description of the new Mod Top vinyl roof material.

"To Joe Higgins in grateful appreciation for showing America the human side of law enforcement."....The inscription on the plaque presented to Dodge's famous sheriff by the Alabama State Sheriff's Association, while naming him a lifetime member of the Association.

"The way I look at it, these cars were killed before they ever had a chance to peak at their possible potential." Richard Petty giving an interview to the Winged Warriors Club about his winged car racing days.

When asked if he were still racing a Daytona with today's modern technology and design, how fast he would be able to go, Buddy Baker answered with a gleam in his eye "245 MPH down the straights."

"It was an era that started and ended in a year and a half." Harry Hyde, builder of the #71 K&K Insurance Daytona, giving a speech at the banquet commemorating the K&K Daytona being the first vehicle donated to the new Motor Sports Hall of Fame at Talladega.

"I don't think bigger spoilers are the answer....what we need is a rear wing like you saw on the Dodges in the late 60's." Ricky Rudd commenting on the early-80's NASCAR cars' handling problems.

"Forget that, we're not going back to the Batmobiles!" NASCAR official Bill Gazaway, in answer to Ricky Rudd's comment.

"Let me send back to Level Cross and get the wing off the SuperBird I ran in 1970...that will make it handle." Richard Petty in agreement with Ricky Rudd on the modern cars' handling problems.

"I'm so glad to see all the cars back here. It's like the babies coming back to the cradle!" John Pointer, Chrysler Aerodynamicist, speaking to the Winged Warriors Club during the 1996 National Meet at the Chrysler Proving Grounds in Chelsea, MI.

"In the latter months of 1969, the Charger 500 was put to rest as we were forced to design, build and test for both street and track, in less than eight months, a car that would get the Talladega 500 win and our star racer, Richard Petty, back from Ford." Larry Rathgeb, Chrysler engineer, speaking to the Winged Warriors Club in 1977 about the purpose of the development of the 1970 SuperBird.

"I don't give a damn what it looks like; if it will win races, build it!" Bob McCurry, Vice President in Charge of Dodge Sales and who later provided the corporate blocking so the race vehicle team could get the winged cars built, gives his opinion of the original concept drawing of the Daytona.

"For years, Chrysler tried to keep Dodge and Plymouth parts separate and now we were mixing them up deliberately." John Pointer, Chrysler Aerodynamicist, commenting on the use of Dodge Coronet fenders and hood on the Plymouth SuperBird.

"It's only cheating when you get caught!" George Wallace, 18-year Chrysler employee, commenting to the Winged Warriors Club at their 1978 National Meet on the rule at Chrysler in regards to building race cars.

"Tell you what, in the new Charger Daytona, I feel safer at 200 miles per hour than I did at 150 miles per hour in my first race at Daytona in 1961." Charlie Glotzbach commenting on his car on June 7, 1970 at Michigan International Speedway.

"We were fine in drafting situations, but coming off the corners we were missing some push." Mario Rossi commenting on the 305 cubic inch engine in Dick Brooks' Daytona.

"By the way, I'm not going to give this SuperBee back to the factory. I'm buying it for my wife. She doesn't care if the clutch pedal pressure is a little high. She loves the optional full-synchro 4-speed manual. I told her so." Dick Landy, national Super Stock drag racing champion, comments to Chrysler reps after a test drive in the 1970 SuperBee.

[Dick Brooks SuperBird]

"They keep making the Charger go like stink and handle better than a lot of so-called sportsters." Car Life magazine's conclusion after test driving the 1970 Charger R/T.

"The rear stabilizer is a great help in finding the car in a large parking lot. It sticks up well above the common herd." Motor Trend magazine editor comments on the SuperBird after its release to the public.

"Old hot rodders never die; they go to work for Chrysler Engineering." Car Life magazine writer reflecting on the number of rodding enthusiasts working for Chrysler that helped design the 1969 SixPack cars.

"As a speed machine, the Charger Daytona is the greatest thing since plastic flowers!" Car Life magazine writer's statement after spending several days in a Daytona doing road testing.

"Well, there's one thing obvious about the Charger Daytona. Nobody, but nobody, walks by without breaking his neck to take a second look." NASCAR racer Bobby Isaac's statement to Chrysler reps after test driving a Daytona.

"The trunk lid had to be shortened. It's a tunnel and you literally have to dive in head-first to retrieve something in the forward section." Car Life writer's comments on the inaccessibility of the 1969 Charger 500's trunk area.

"A lot of sting for the street or strip. There'll be no mistaking the Dodge insect wherever it travels." Road Test magazine's impression of the 1969 SuperBee after a test drive.

"Old Slippery has a snout that strikes out a country mile in front and an adjustable spoiler that looks two stories tall in the rear." NASCAR racer Bobby Isaac comments on the Daytona's appearance.

"Soft suspension and plenty of back seat room for the crew. SuperBee may out-drag it, but what other cars can offer Charger R/T's features?" Iowa USAC champion Don White reflecting on the 1970 Charger R/T.

"It has big, round, legible dials, including the most impressive clock outside Greenwich." Car Life gives their opinion of the 1968 Charger's instrument panel during a test drive.

"A spectacular car the Daytona certainly is. An attractive one it emphatically is not. But in stock car racing, beauty is as beauty does. After September 14 at Talladega, the Charger Daytona may look just wonderful to everybody at Dodge. If it doesn't, they'll have built 500 ugly cars for nothing." Modern Motor writer Karl Ludvigsen talks about the Daytona just before its debut at the 1969 Talladega 500 race.

"I've got some real inner feelings about that car. You knew you were the best when you pulled in. The feeling then was a lot different than it is now. We had the big ol' Hemi and Ford had the big ol' 429 and we knew it was going to be a hell of a race." Harry Hyde, NASCAR racer Bobby Isaac's crew chief, reflects on his feelings about their Daytona race car.

"Spring is the time Birds nest; let's not nest on our Birds." A memo from Chrysler Corporate Headquarters to Plymouth regional sales managers in regards to the dealerships not being able to sell their allotment of SuperBirds.

[Don White Daytona]


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