Our first buy was a 1967 Plymouth notch back Barracuda purchased in Phoenix, Arizona in January 1998 from the original owner. She had originally purchased the car new from Town and Country Chrysler-Plymouth in Phoenix. The car was originally bronze with a black vinyl top. Before the purchase, the original owner requested that the car be painted white, including the top. The car is equipped with a 273 two barrel, automatic on the floor with console, factory air and bucket seats. The interior is still the original bronze color. The only restoration performed on this vehicle so far has been reconditioning the gas tank due to the three pounds of rust that was lying in the bottom of the tank. We rebuilt the carburetor and replace the fuel lines, radiator, alternator, all rubber brake hoses, master cylinder and added a new set of tires. It's a daily driver during the summer months.

1967 Barracuda and 1968 GTX before photos

1968 GTX after photos

Our second buy was a 1970 Plymouth Superbird. The car is B5 blue, 440 six barrel, automatic, with bucket seats and a console. It has 15 x 7 Rallye wheels and an 8 3/4 rearend with 3.55 gears. We found this car advertised in an Auto Trader magazine in August 1999. To our knowledge, we are the fourth owners. At the time of purchase, the car was equipped with a 440 4 barrel, but after researching the VIN information, we found that the car was originally a 440 six barrel. This car has become the center of our attention because it needed some restoration. Every winter since we purchased the Bird in 1999, we have focused on restoring certain areas of the vehicle. In the winter of 2000, we replaced the radiator and fuel tank. In 2001, we rebuilt the engine and transmission. The following winter 2002, we rebuilt the rearend including the rear springs, shocks, brakes, bearings and brake lines. In 2003, we restored the front suspension, including upper and lower ball joints, bushings, tie rod ends, and upgraded to heavy duty strut bars. We also replaced the old tires with a new set of tires. Our focus for 2004 was restoring the interior back to its original white and black combo. This has been a major undertaking as the previous owner had all the interior dyed and/or painted black. We work on the car during the winter months because living in Minnesota, we have such a small window to really enjoy the vehicles and we are active participants in car shows and cruises during the summer months. Our last major project will be to repaint the exterior of the car.

In August 2003, we added to our fleet a 1968 GTX convertible. This car is B5 blue with a black convertible top. It has a 440 4 barrel, automatic on floor with center console and blue interior. The car first caught our eye over two years before at a local car show. The previous owners bought the car in 1999 and restored the GTX back to its original condition with the exception of the convertible top. After two years of constant harassment by my wife, the previous owner was persuaded to sell the car to us, but not without experiencing severe separation anxiety.


Superbird: Have you ever been in a musclecar? Well, I have and my parents and I have musclecars. But my favorite car is the Superbird. That's my dad's car. The car is blue with a black vinyl top. Also, it has a 440 Sixpack engine that is fast. But, just a few weeks ago, my dad and I took out the door panels, the seats and carpet. The rearview mirror, sun visors, center console and the gas pedal. It took a long time to do that, but now we are ordering new parts and cleaning old parts.

Now since all we have to do is get the ordered parts and put it back together, Dad, Mom and I can ride in it during the summer soon. My dad will only let me go under the car with him. He won't let anyone else go under it. I'm so glad I can be part of this with my dad. I don't know many 11-year-olds who get an experience like this. I'm the luckiest girl in the world to work on a 1970 Superbird with my dad.

Barracuda: I have a 1967 Barracuda. Probably the youngest kid to have a car. My dad used to have another Cuda, but he took out the engine and sold the shell. He uses the pieces and parts from that engine and puts stuff on my engine. Pretty soon in six years, I will be able to drive my car. The license plate will say my nickname, "Monkey". Then I can drive with my parents to car shows. Hopefully I can win trophies like my dad, but if I don't, I will always have one in the garage.

GTX: My mom has a 1968 GTX. She got it from a friend of ours. His name is Mark. My mom and dad were chasing him for two years to sell it to us. The car doesn't need much work because Mark fixed it up really good. The only thing we have to do is repair the steering wheel. It has a crack in it.

Under the hood is a 440 four barrel with an automatic transmission. Also, the convertible top can move up and down. Me and my mom can go shopping now with a little more fun and excitement, our hair blowing all around down the highway. The car runs on racing fuel that is 110 octane with lead, so called "fast gas" my dad calls it.