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1969 Daytona Race Car

Introduction by Sue George
Text and Photos by Pat McKinney

[#22 Daytona 
On A Trailer, Driver Side View]

The beautifully restored #22 Daytona race car shown above belongs to Pat McKinney of Simi Valley, California.

"Just thought the club members would be interested in what my brother and I have been up to for the last five years. After locating the car nine years ago, I began what ended up being about three years of research, which included a trip to Talladega, and many detailed conversations with Harry Hyde, Tommy Johnson, Don White, Larry Rathgeb, John Pointer and George Wallace, and I'm sure I've left out a few names.

[#22 Daytona, Engine Compartment, Passenger Side View]

When I first went to look at the car, it was wearing '70 Charger front sheet metal, and was in horrible shape!! My initial thought was, 'What am I going to do with this car?' However, the gentleman who was selling the car informed me that everything in the small barn behind the car went with it. In the barn was a Daytona race nose cone, a rear window plug with new Lexan rear race window, complete race wing assembly, Daytona deck lid, bathtub intake air bonnet assembly and race valve covers. Based on this, I assumed that at one time, this car wore all of these parts. The wing that came with the car was gold, and there were traces of red paint on the chassis. Unfortunately, after examining the chassis, I could locate no numbers or stampings in the roll cage or fire wall. At this point, it was decided that we would restore the car in a tribute to Bobby Allison.

From there, we picked up the chassis and assorted parts, and off we went! Over the course of the last five years, my brother and I have literally turned a sow's ear into a silk purse! As you can see from the pictures, I think our time was well spent.

I purchased a new Hemi block and heads from Westoaks Chrysler in Thousand Oaks, loaded them in the back of my truck, along with the correct 706 NASCAR rods, dry sump oil assembly and other assorted special parts, and delivered them to Dick Landy, who built and dyno-tested the engine.

[#22 Daytona, Front/Driver Side View From Above]

Once the chassis returned from the paint shop, we began assembling the car. When completed, we displayed the car at the Fall Fling, sponsored by Chrysler Performance West. The car was a culmination of a labor of love and much frustration, in that restoring one of these cars is unique at best.

I'd like to thank the following people for being so supportive during this brother Mike, DLI, Kym Haynes, Tommy Johnson, Jim Radke, Jack Smathers, and other family and friends that have been so patient.

[#22 Daytona, Passenger Side/Front View] [#22 Daytona, Driver Side/Rear View] [#22 Daytona, Driver Side/Front View]


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