Winged Warriors/National B-Body Owners Association
Special Interest Car - The Harlequin Charger

Text and Photo by Sue George

[Driver's Side View]

This beautiful 1966 Charger was on display at the October, 1998 Heartland Park Topeka "Super Mopar Weekend". Your eyes are not playing tricks on you....the unusual finish on this car literally changes from bright gold to purple to bronze to burgundy and back to gold as you walk around it. It is a different color everywhere, depending on where you stand. Upon questioning the owner about it, we were told that this is a very special paint, named "Harlequin". After many attempts to learn from the manufacturer just how this color phenomenon takes place, the only thing the owner was able to find out is that micro-pieces of prism added to the paint complex contribute to the special effect.

Webster's Dictionary defines "Harlequin" as multicolored, and this Charger definitely is that. The burgundy bucket seat interior really complements the package.


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