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Film Shoot for the Dodge City Simulator

Info and Photos by Jeff Griffin
Text by Sue George

These photos were taken by Jeff Griffin of Charlotte, NC during the film shoot using the #71 and #88 Daytonas, the Richard Petty #43 Charger and new Dodge NASCAR race cars in 2001. This film footage was combined with actual footage from old races and used for the Dodge City racing simulator, which appears at all major NASCAR races. The concept is that it is 1970 and you are at the races. A kid is running through the crowd to get an autograph from the driver as he is getting into the #88 Daytona. From there, you are on the track in a third car trying to get past the #71 and #88 Daytonas and you are dicing back and forth. There is a wreck on the track, the #71 goes high and #88 goes low and you (the camera car) go up the middle of the smoke. Then you are in the year 2001 with the new Intrepids. The day of the film shoot, it was 22 degrees outside. The Daytonas were running about 60-65 mph (they speeded up the film). Both cars had Talladega rear gears. The #88 Daytona had a 3-speed tranny and it was all you could do to keep from burning up the clutch just getting it going!

[#71 From The Passenger Side]
The film crew attaches camera equipment to the front of the #43 Charger. The #71 and #88 Daytonas on pit road.

[#71 And #88 From Driver Side]
This is the #88 Daytona that resides in the Talladega Museum. Greg Kwiatkowski has the real #88 Daytona race car in Michigan. The film crew makes some adjustments to their equipment.

[#71 Dodge Daytona] [#43 Dodge Charger] [#71 & #88 In Pit Lane]
[#71 & #88 In Pit Lane] [#71 & #88 In Pit Lane] [#71 Dodge Daytona]
[#71 Dodge Daytona Rear Quarter Panel] [#43 Dodge Charger] [2001 #43 Dodge]


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