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The #99 Daytona Rear Window Plug And Wing

Text and photos by Dave Patik - Winged Warriors/NBOA Restoration Advisor

Show here is an original #99 race Daytona fastback window plug, which Californian Sean Machado purchased from a man in Texas after he rescued it from a junkyard where it spent many years. The #99 Richard Brickhouse driven Daytona was wrecked at Texas Speedway and scrapped near the track. Most of the running gear (and about everything else) was missing from the car. The man had the roof area cut from the car and bought it, along with the wing, from the junkyard. In the photo below, note the thick foam seal with holes on the ends where the rear window straps mounted under the glass. The straps actually wrapped around the glass. More photos can be viewed via the links at right.

[#99 Daytona Rear Window Plug]
Other Photos
Window Plug
Red Pinstriping On Roof Area
Complete View Of Underside
Underside (Left Side To Roof)
Underside (Glass Area)
Underside (Window Seal Area)
Upper Left Interior
Upper Right Interior
Top Right Side
Lower Right Side
Plug-To-Charger Roof (Lower Left Side)
Trunk Seal Location
Window Seal Area Holes
Window Seal Area Holes
Trim Clips
Broken Trim Clip
Horizontal Stabilizer (Left Side)
Horizontal Stabilizer (Right Side)
Left Upright
Left Upright
Right Upright
Right Brace
Upright, Bottom Side


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