Winged Warriors/National B-Body Owners Association
11th Annual DEMA (Daimler/Chrysler Employees Motorsport Association) Car Show

Photos by Sue George

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This year's DEMA car show was held on Saturday, June 10th at the new Walter P. Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The weather was perfect for a car show, in the low 90's and sunny all day, which resulted in over 300 cars arriving for display. Although the majority of cars were Mopars, it was an open car show and a few nice examples of other brands showed up. There were some cars not normally seen at other shows such as several 413 and 426 Max Wedge lightweights, many Hemis, a pristine 1969 Charger 500, a Rallye Green 1969 Charger R/T with the rare M31 belt moulding option, and even an AC Cobra replica with a South African built body and American Ford engine!

Eighteen winged cars showed up for their special parking place on the grass beside the front doors to the new museum. There were seventeen SuperBirds and one Daytona from Quebec. Greg Kwiatkowski also had the nosecone and wing from his #88 Daytona racecar on display.

Inside the circular bricked entrance to the museum, Chrysler had on display its new PT Cruiser, complete with several custom packages that are available (woody accents, flames, etc).

With each car show registration came a free pass into the WPC Museum. This is a truly beautiful facility, a perfect place to hold a car show! Winged Warriors/NBOA would like to take this opportunity to thank the DEMA members for inviting us to join in their event and to the WPC Museum for providing us with special parking and great hospitality. Shown here are photos of some of the beautiful Mopars that were on display at the event.


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