by Kenny Brackett

Shown here are the pages from an invitation to a Berkline furniture exposition, showcasing furniture upholstered with Herculon designs inspired by Richard Petty. The two photos below are the cover and the inside page of the invitation.

The formal invitation reads:

"You are invited to a reception and press preview of a new, exciting family furniture grouping by Berkline, featuring upholstery fabrics of Herculon, in the Skytop Room, Southern Furniture Exposition Building, High Point, N.C. on Saturday, October 23, 5 PM-7 PM, and to meet the father of the family for whom the furniture was designed. Personable Richard Petty, first driver to win $1,000,000 in stock car racing history. Six lucky door prize winners will be guests of Mr. petty at a thrilling 200-mile stock car race on Sunday, October 24, nearby Rockingham, N.C. including transportation and lunch."

Check out the pictures in this invitation of the furniture. Does this scream 1971? That checkered flag couch, mag wheels on the wall, white recliners, Richard Petty blue shag carpet and the white shag throw rug are typical of the era!

Below: Richard Petty shows off his Herculon covered race car seat in his 1971 RoadRunner.

Below: Richard Petty drives on a Herculon covered seat in every race, although it looks different from this family room model.

Below: You can see how the two Petty inspired recliners fit in with the rest of the race-themed living room furniture. Note the Richard Petty montages on the wall behind the checkered couch.


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