Our first car is our pride and joy. It is an Alpine white Superbird we bought brand new on January 11, 1970. An article on this car and photos were in the November issue of Mopar Collector's Guide. When we bought this car, we were newly married and only 19 years old with very little money. It was an original 440 4-speed car. We put most of the miles on it in the first two summers. Right after buying the car, we bought a $50 Chevy to drive so the Bird was put in the garage.

We wanted a Hemi Bird but when we bought it, the dealer said none were available. In the summer of 1971, we bought a wrecked Hemi RoadRunner and then we put the Hemi motor and transmission as a complete unit in our car at 17,000 miles and it has been there ever since. The original drivetrain sits in our garage. Our Bird now has 29,000 miles on it.

We brought our son Trever and our daughter Trista home from the hospital when they were born with the Superbird (1970 and 1973). It has never been driven in any bad weather. It is completely original and untouched other than the motor change and Chrysler agreed to paint the nose and wing, because of a very bad color match, under warranty.

Our second Mopar is a 1969 Charger Daytona. It is V2 Hemi orange, 440 automatic with 64,000 miles. [Note the Daytona has lower sill mouldings--a very rare option.] We bought this car from Ted Janak in Texas in February 1997. It was Ted's own personal car that he bought from the original owner in 1973.

It was sold new in Houston, Texas. We have all documentation and papers from Ted when we bought it. It was painted one time in 1973 because it was faded. We drove it some the first two summers we owned it, including driving it to the Mopar Nationals in Columbus, Ohio. After the second summer, we decided to freshen it up with new paint. Our good friend, Tony Devine of Devine Restorations, did the work.

As we went along, Tony told us the car deserved a full-blown rotisserie restoration, so that is what we did--down to the last bolt. It was a very easy restoration as it was a solid, straight and untouched car. We would like to thank Tony Devine for doing such a fantastic job on our car and also to thank brother-in-law Al Ramminger for doing all the stainless and helping to put it together. Al is also a club member and owns a Tor Red Superbird. Mopar Collector's Guide also did a photo shoot on our Daytona at the Shakopee, Minnesota show in June 2005.

Our third Mopar is a 1969 Charger 500, 440 4-speed. We purchased this car about ten years ago from Randy's brother. It is B5 blue with a black stripe and interior, It is an all-numbers-matching car with 69,000 miles on it. It had a cosmetic restoration some years ago and looked okay. We have driven this car the most. Last year, we decided to turn this car over to Tony Devine once again for a restoration. He has had it about a year now and we can not wait to get it back.

Our fourth Mopar is a 1970 RoadRunner convertible, 383 4-speed. It has an air grabber hood, B5 blue with a white interior and top. This car we bought out of Hemmings about 15 years ago. It was completely restored and was originally from Texas. We found it in Wisconsin about 100 miles from our home.

Our fifth Mopar is a 1969 1/2 Dodge SuperBee, 440 Sixpack automatic. It is Butterscotch color with a black interior. It has a lot of options for a sixpack car--power steering and brakes, 6-way seat, AM/FM radio, rear shoulder harness, deluxe interior, console and side scoops. Our friend bought this car brand new in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Our nephew has had it the last 25 years. It had one repaint 20 years ago and still looks great. We haven't owned it for very long so we are now doing maintenance on it and getting the bumpers re-chromed, putting the black wheels and red lines back on it, and the bumblebee stripe and hood decals which were not put back on it when it was repainted.

We gave the plans and ideas for the Superbird couch to Classic Couch in Illinois and they made it for us. We completed it with decals, etc. The coffee table was designed and made by Randy.

***Note: The table top resembles the top section of a Superbird nosecone, complete with nosecone decals and rub strip! It sits on Goodyear Polyglas tires and Rallye wheels. There is an elephant ("Hemi powered" of course) between the tires--its head is just visible to the right side of the table. Very cool!