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1968 Plymouth Mid-Size Five

By Sue George

In 1968, Plymouth introduced their new line of 116" wheelbase cars with an advertising blitz called "The Mid-Size Five". The Mid-Size Five included the Belvedere, Satellite, Sport Satellite, RoadRunner and GTX. All body styles of each model (no station wagons) were considered part of the group, including 2-door hardtops, 2-door coupes, 4-door sedans and convertibles.

All of the Mid-Size Five cars, regardless of body style, were 202.7" long with an overall width of 76.4". The coupes were so-called because there was not a sedan-type frame around the front window. Chrysler seemed to be proud of the fact that the hardly-usable coupe "pop-out" rear windows kept children and pets securely inside of the car while still providing (their claim) excellent ventilation. Anyone who's owned a coupe knows better!

The Mid-Size Five featured a new fully padded instrument panel with a quirky new safety feature: all of the instrument and control knobs on the dash were recessed into the padding. Standard equipment located on the instrument panel were a brake system/parking brake warning light, temperature gauge, alternator gauge, gas gauge, oil pressure warning light, speedometer, headlight switch, 4-way flasher switch, ignition switch, windshield wiper switch, windshield washer switch, glove box and ashtray. Optional equipment offered were a tachometer or clock, A/C controls, AM stereo tape player, map and courtesy light. If you ordered the optional light package, it came with the cool time-delay ignition switch light. Anytime the front doors were opened, the ignition switch was automatically turned on and after a short delay the light would automatically go off.

All of these models had a 19 gallon gas tank, a laminated safety glass windshield, solid tempered rear window (including convertibles) and side windows, aluminized, reverse-flow mufflers with aluminized tail pipes, and large 15.6 cubic foot capacity trunk area.

Each of the five models was hyped by Chrysler's advertising department to appeal to a wide variety of buyers. For the economy minded: "Belvedere is Plymouth's mid-size economy car. Its graceful new body is designed to provide generous space for passengers and luggage, making Belvedere a comfortable car for both family and business use." The Belvedere came standard with 225 ci 6-cylinder engine (145 hp) or the 273 2bbl V8 (190 hp) and a 3-speed manual transmission. Optional powerplants were the 318 V8 (230 hp), 383 2bbl (290 hp), and 383 4bbl (330 hp). Optional transmissions were the TorqueFlite automatic and the 4-speed manual (not available with 225, 273 or 318). The Belvedere was available as a 2-door coupe of 4-door Sedan.

For the luxury minded: "Plymouth's Satellite is a high-styled entry in the mid-size car class. Smartly trimmed and modestly priced, Satellite offers a full range of all-new models." The Satellite came standard with the 225 ci 6-cylinder (145 hp) or the 273 2bbl V8 (190 hp) and the 3-speed manual transmission. Optional engines were the 318 V8 (230 hp), 383 2bbl (290 hp) and the 383 4bbl (330 hp). Optional transmissions were the TorqueFlite automatic and the 4-speed manual (not available with 225, 273 or 318). Other standards on the Satellite were full-length body side mouldings, wheel well mouldings, drip rail mouldings and brushed aluminum tail light panel trim. The Satellite was available as a 2-door hardtop, convertible or 4-door sedan.

For the sportier crowd: "The Sport Satellite is a youthful car styled and trimmed with a sports-car flair inside and out. Wood grained trim on instrument panel and doors and all-vinyl bucket seats keynote Sport Satellite's interior." The Sport Satellite came standard with the 318 V8 (230 hp) and the 3-speed manual transmission. Optional engines were the 383 2bbl (290 hp) and 383 4bbl (330 hp). Optional transmissions were the TorqueFlite automatic and the 4-speed manual (not available with 318). Other standard features on the Sport Satellite include body side accent stripes, wide sill mouldings, wheel well mouldings and full-length applique between tail lights. Sport Satellite was available as a 2-door hardtop and convertible.

For those who wanted strictly performance: "Plymouth's new RoadRunner is a fast fun car. Quick on the go, it shows its competitive spirit as it stands poised for action! No frills, no tinsel. When equipped with the optional 426 Hemi V-8 engine, RoadRunner is a lean, hungry car packed with power for action, built tough for sanctioned road-and-track events and flashing an eager, searching look that says 'show me the competition!'."The RoadRunner's standard engine was a special 383 4bbl with 335 horsepower and the 4-speed manual transmission. Optional were the 426 2X4 Hemi and the TorqueFlite automatic transmission. For this year, RoadRunner was only available as a 2-door coupe. Other standard features on the RoadRunner were black crackle finish un-silenced air cleaner, chrome plated oil filler cap and special air cleaner emblem, heavy duty suspension/ ball joints/torsion bars/leaf springs, RoadRunner nameplates and decals, Beep Beep horn and side facing hood scoops.

And finally a Mid-Size Five entry that was marketed to the performance buyer who also wanted the fancy stuff: "GTX looks like a hot performance car, sounds like a hot performance car, handles like a hot performance car and goes like blazes! Big-engined, firm-suspensioned, wide-stanced and sport-trimmed, GTX has competition power and handling qualities." The GTX's standard engine was the 440 4bbl with 375 hp with the TorqueFlite automatic transmission. The options were the 426 2X4 Hemi and the 4-speed manual transmission. The Sure Grip differential was required with the TorqueFlite automatic. The H.D. Sure Grip performance axle was required with the 4-speed manual and the 426 Hemi. Both differentials were extra cost options. Standard features on the GTX were bucket seats, woodgrain trim on the instrument panel and doors, outward facing hood scoops, GTX emblems, lower side dual color stripes, wide sill mouldings, wheel well mouldings, chrome exhaust tips, heavy duty ball joints/torsion bars/springs and shock absorbers, and rear deck lid treatment with red Scotch-Lite inserts between the tail lights, exclusive to GTX. The GTX was available as a 2-door hardtop or convertible.

GTXSport SatelliteSatellite RoadRunnerBelvedere
Air conditioning (N/A 383 2bbl with 4-speed manual GTX, w/4-speed of Hemi) EEEEE
Alternator - 37 ampSSSSS
Alternator - 46 amp (std 8 cyl with A/C)EEEEE
Armrests - Front door color keyed baseN/AN/AN/ASS
Armrest - Bright baseSSSN/AE (1)
Armrest - center seat foldingEEN/AN/AN/A
Armrest - Rear color keyed baseN/AN/AN/AES (2)
Armrest - Bright base (rear door, 4-dr models)--- ---S---E (1)
Ash receivers - front, instrument panelSSSSS
Ash receivers -right front arm restSSSN/AN/A
Ash Receivers - rear door arm rest or pocket panelSSSES (2)
Console (N/A 3-speed transmission or center seat)EEEN/AN/A
Automatic speed control - 8 cyl. only - automatic trans and power brakes required with 383 engine or GTX (N/A with Hemi)EEEEE
Battery, 48 amp-hrN/ASSN/AS
Battery, 59 amp-hr (standard and available only w/383 engine)N/AEESE
Battery, 70 amp-hr (standard on 440 and 426 Hemi)SEEEE
Battery, 70 amp-hr (with rubber separators and heat shield with trailer towing package only)EEEEE
Brakes, standard self-adjustingN/ASSN/AS
Brakes, heavy duty manual adjusting (standard with trailer towing)SEESE
Disc, front 8 cyl. only-power brakes required, Sure Grip required with auto trans on GTX with 440 engine (N/A w/HD brakes)EEEEE
Bumper guards, front or rearEEEEE
Cigar lighterSSSSS
Cleaner air systemSSSSS
Clock, electric (N/A with tachometer)EEEEE
Closed crankcase vent systemSSSSS
Coat hook (left side only)SSSSS
Defogger, rear window (N/A convertible)EEEEE
Directional signalsSSSSS
Differential, Sure-Grip - required with disc brakes and auto trans on GTX with 440 (3)EEEEE
Differential, H.D. Sure-Grip - H.D. performance axle required with 4-speed manual and 426 or GTX (N/A 383 4bbl)EN/AN/AEN/A
  • 6-cyl 225 ci, 145 hp (N/A with 4-speed trans or trailer towing)
  • 8-cyl 273 ci 2-bbl, 190 hp (N/A 4-speed trans or trailer towing)
  • 8-cyl 318 ci 2-bbl, 230 hp (N/A 4-speed manual)
  • 8-cyl 383 ci 2-bbl, 290 hp (N/A 3- or 4-speed manual with T.T.)
  • 8-cyl 383 ci 4-bbl, 330 hp (N/A 3-speed manual)
  • 8-cyl 383 ci 4-bbl, 335 hp
  • 8-cyl 440 ci 4-bbl, 375 hp (N/A 3-speed manual or A/C with 4-speed manual)
  • 8-cyl 426 ci 2X4-bbl, 425 hp (N/A 3-speed manual, A/C, trailer towing or automatic speed control)

Flashers, roadside warningSSSSS
Floor covering (passenger compartment):
  • Color-keyed rubber mat
  • Color-keyed formed carpet
Floor covering (trunk compartment), vinyl matSSSSS
Glass, tinted - all windows (will be installed with A/C unless otherwise specified EEEEE
Glass, tinted - windshield onlyEEEEE
Glove box lockSSSSS
Head restraints - front - right and/or leftEEEEE
Heater & defrosterSSSSS
Horns - dual SSSN/AS
Horn - RoadRunner Beep-BeepN/AN/AN/ASN/A
Instrument panel safety padding - upper and lowerSSSSS
  • Brake system warning
  • Backup
  • Console courtesy (standard with console)
  • Front courtesy (convertible)
  • Trunk compartment*
  • Dome (except convertible)
  • Glove box*
  • Map - courtesy*
  • Parking brake warning
  • Time delay ignition*
  • Instrument panel ashtray
  • Pocket panel (convertible only)
  • Selector lever quadrant (with automatic trans)
  • Turn signal indicator, fender mounted*
  • Under hood (dealer installed)
  • Inside, rearview Day/Nite
  • Outside, left, manual
  • Outside, left, remote control
  • Outside, right, manual
  • Sill (narrow)
  • Custom sill (wide)
  • Roof drip rail (standard Belvedere Coupe)
  • Belt line (standard convertible, N/A 4-door sedan)
  • Upper door (sedan)
  • Wheel lip
  • Full-length body side
Oil filter, throwaway typeSSSSS
Paint - two tone (except convertible)EEEEE
Paint - performance hood treatmentEN/AN/AEN/A
  • Brakes - required with disc brakes
  • Steering
  • Windows (hardtops and convertibles only)
  • Convertible top lift
  • Solid-State AM - push button (N/A with stereo tape)
  • Solid-State AM with stereo tape player
  • Rear seat speaker (N/A convertible)
Seats, cushion:
  • Front - full foam (bucket seats)
  • Front - foam (bench seat)
  • Front -extra thick foam (bench )
  • Rear - foam
Seat, center with folding armrestEEN/AN/AN/A
Seat adjustment, front 2-way manualSSSSS
Safety belts:
  • Lap, 2 front and 2 rear
  • Lap - center passenger front
  • Lap - center passenger rear (mandatory in NY state)
  • Shoulder belts, left and right front
  • Shoulder belts, left and right rear (N/A convertibles)
Shock absorbers, firm rideSEESE
Steering wheel:
  • Three spoke with horn button
  • Three spoke with partial horn ring with padded center
  • Three spoke with full horn ring with padded center
  • Three spoke simulated wood grain with padded center
Sun visors - paddedSSSSS
Tachometer - 8 cyl only (N/A with clock)EEEEE
  • 3-speed manual (N/A 383 engines or with trailer towing)
  • 4-speed manual (N/A 225, 273, 318 or with trailer towing) Sure-Grip required with 426 Hemi or GTX
  • TorqueFlite automatic 3-speed
Trailer towing package** - automatic transmission only (N/A 225, 273 or 426 Hemi) EEEEE
Undercoating and hood insulator padEEEEE
Vinyl roof (all sedans, coupes and hardtops)EEEEE
Road wheels, chrome plated steel (N/A with wheel covers, disc brakes or 426 Hemi) EEEEE
Wheel Covers:
  • Deluxe 14"
  • Deluxe 15" - 426 Hemi only
  • Sport 14"
  • Mag style (dealer installed)
Windshield washers - electricSSSSS
Windshield wipers, 2-speedSSSSS
Windshield wipers, 3-speed (standard with 426 Hemi)EEEEE

(1) Available, sedan with extra-cost black all-vinyl trim only.

(2) Option, coupe.

(3) H.D. diam. ring gear w/4-speed man trans, 426, GTX or GTX w/auto trans & 3.55 axle ratio

* Available in package only

**Trailer Towing Package includes: Maximum Cooling System with high capacity radiator, larger transmission cooler, 7-blade fan, fan shroud and yoke-to-hood air seal; heavy-duty suspension with heavy duty rear springs, torsion bars and sway bar; heavy-duty stop lamp switch; heavy-duty turn signal flasher; heavy-duty brakes with 11"X3" front and 11"X2 1/2" rear-manual adjusting; power steering; power brakes; Sure-Grip differential; disc brakes, 46-amp heavy-duty alternator (standard with A/C); 70 amp-hr battery with rubber separators and heat shield; air conditioning; automatic speed control.


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